Courses & Workshops

There is a range of Jewellery Making Courses held at the Bead & Button Bazaar. These are held in the day time as well as the evening and weekends, accommodating people at different levels and abilities - there is something for everyone. 

The classes are held in the training room at the back of the shop, giving learners access to the full range of beads, buttons and findings available - too much choice some say!!!!


To find out more please click on, and explore:

  1. Jewellery Making for Beginners
  2. Intermediate Course
  3. Advanced Course
  4. Off-Loom Beading and Knotting Courses
  5. Tiara Making Workshops
  6. Creating Polymer Clay Beads 
  7. Chain Maille Workshops
  8. Wire Wrapping

Please note that the course content does change from time to time.


1: Jewellery Making for Beginners:

This is a 5-week course for people who want to learn the basics of jewellery making. The classes are spread over five weeks (2-hours per week) for groups of up to 12 people in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere. During this course learners create a range of jewellery including basic, fuchsia and 'fancy' earrings, safety pin and figure of eight bracelets, floating, chain, 3-strand, headpin and plaited necklaces and, finally, bag charms. The hardest part of this course is choosing the beads you want to work with! The Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Courses are facilitated by Brian Bridges.

'This is a great course. I have learnt such a lot and I have taken away some great ideas for things to make at home.... I am hooked!!!'

Day and evening courses available.

  • Tuesdays 12 noon to 2.00 p.m. or 7.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m.

Day and evening courses available.  Cost £35.00 per course, plus beads and findings of your choice. 



2: Intermediate Class


Following the Beginners  course you can progress on to the Intermediate Course which, again, is spread over five weeks (2-hours per week). During this course, learners will produce bracelets, necklaces and earrings using wire techniques. Learners will produce a 5-strand necklace, a 5-point necklace, a magnetic necklace and a double figure of 8 bracelet. The course finishes with an exploration of cord work.

'Most of the others in my class moved up to the Intermediary Class together, which was great. We made some lovely jewellery that was a bit more challenging, but I could still recreate the patterns at home. The atmosphere was lovely.'

Day and evening courses available. Cost £35.00 plus beads and findings of your choice.

Intermediate Course




3: Advanced Class


When you have completed the Intermediate Course and want to continue then the Advanced Course is for you. This five week course takes you through the delights of the drop chain necklace, crystal style bracelet, 3-strand choker, mesh necklace, chain / tigertail bracelet, 5-strand necklace, dragonfly broach and a pyramid necklace. You may hear more 'pained expressions' as learners face the challenges of this course, and there may be more cries for help from an ever-patient Brian, but it is definitely worth it!

'This was a very rewarding course and we all were unhappy when it came to an end as we all enjoyed our evenings of creativity. Brian was happy to let us continue coming and we now experiment with different patterns from the selection of books and magazines available in the shop.'

Day and evening courses available. Cost £35.00 plus beads and findings of your choice.

 Black and silver bracelet



4: Knot and Sew Courses:

This multimedia programme is a unique 5-week course run on a regular basis on a Monday and Wednesday evening.   The patterns include a variety of knots, stitches and techniques to combine seed beads, beads, pearls, cords, lace, felt etc. into jewellery and / or objects of beauty. 

'I really enjoyed this course. It took a lot of concentration and patience but the results were fantastic! I want to do more of this and look forward to a further opportunities.'

This course is facilitated by Ruth Garner

These courses take place on a \Monday and Wednesday evening. Cost is £35.00 plus cords, beads and findings of your choice. For further information on start dates please Contact Us and / or check the Diary Dates

  Knotting projects




5: Tiara Making (Day Workshops)

Regular Tiara workshops are delivered at the Bead & Button Bazaar and these are suitable for beginners as well as more advanced learners. Using crystal beads and different wires, the tutor demonstrates the making of a tiara and then helps everyone to replicate it.   Each course has a different tiara to make, for a variety of occasions e.g. for a bride and bridesmaid, formal evening event, prom wear and Christmas. On each course a second smaller item is produced such as a head pin / comb or button hole. Courses are from 10.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. on a Saturday, lunch and all materials are included in the price. (Prices vary according to the project). Courses are facilitated by Ruth Garner


'I have been to 4 courses so far and have loved every one of them. I wore one of the tiaras at Christmas (it was much admired by friends and family), and my daughter has her eye on one for the school prom this year. I have used the techniques when creating jewellery so that has been a big bonus.'




6: Polymer Clay:

Polymer clay does not harden if left open which makes it wonderful for kids, but why let them have all the fun?   Come along and learn how to produce beautiful beads in truly unique designs. Sam often themes her workshops so look out for ones producing 'faces' and other delights! Weekend workshops are facilitated by Sam  Cox. 

 Polymer Clay




7: Chain Maille:

The chain maille designs  incorporate beads, rubber links and gems and are really beautiful but a simple chain maille piece of jewellery will be timeless. During a class you will learn 2 links/designs. This is a hobby anyone can master and can used for ladies or gents jewellery. Weekend workshops are facilitated by Sam Cox.




 8  Wire Wrapping:

A lovely workshop designed to teach you the techniques in using wire to warp lovely stones and enhance feature beads.  Learn how to make the Tree-of-life (below) and get ideas about making collectables into wearables!   Weekend workshops are facilitated by Sam Cox.